Direct Response Television (DRTV) is a powerful marketing engine that empowers consumers with product knowledge and drives direct sales over the telephone, through the web, and all ancillary channels of distribution

SNIA Interactive, experts in DRTV, will manage your entire DRTV campaign, including finding the right production partners and media sources while at the same time minimizing your financial outlay. Our specific areas of expertise include:
  • Offer Configuration: covers the main offer, up-sells   and cross-sells
  • Creative Process: scripts & production
  • Media Plan: length and timing of campaign, frequency   of airings, media selection, and buys
  • Logistics: telemarketing, fulfillment and credit   card processing
  • Integrated e-Commerce solution
Direct response radio advertising is an amazing way to grow a business quickly and profitably. It offers marketers a unique blend of benefits:
  • Fully accountable - every $$ spent is tracked to revenue
  • Highly segmented audiences
  • Cost effective through remnant buying
  • Simple production
  • Quick start programs
We' ll work with you to clarify your goals, outline your metrics and targets using a mix of research tools and planning that span the radio spectrum : national network radio satellite, streaming, local market spot, exclusive in-program opportunities, and more.