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Moms, kids, tweens, and teens are moving targets, always on the go and constantly connected via numerous technology tools.

Deploying the right marketing digital strategy that engages in a relevant dialogue with these key consumers is essential to earning loyalty.

The digital landscape has transformed and smart marketers are focused on engaging, not just connecting; being relevant, not overwhelming; and building relationships instead of quick hits.

SNIA Interactive will create a strategy that reaches your target in audience in a meaningful and respectful way, incorporating our vast understanding of how this audience shops, what they’re buying, and how you can best reach them.


Social media marketing is an exciting new way to tap into a growing audience of more than 500 million potential customers (and growing)  on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. SNIA Interactive uses social media strategies to get customers talking about your products or services with others, increasing the popularity of your brand and the number of loyal visitors to your website.

We create campaigns that generate the type of buzz that grows the number of your company’s “likes", "friends," and/or "fans" while encouraging them to spread your message on their network.


As the second largest search engine, YouTube provides an easy way to search for, get information and to learn how to use products. SNIA’s partner video production services are designed specifically to be easily searched and viewed on YouTube.

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